Moms to Tech, Inc. is a safe haven that supports young mothers in Broward County, Florida with becoming self-sufficient through IT career training, housing supports, civic engagement, family mediation and a focus on holistic health.



We offer an Ambassador program to raise awareness about the needs of the community and the young mothers we serve. Ambassadors will be expected to participate in civic engagement, volunteer events, etc. They will be expected to introduce our youth to friends, family, or community networks; be an active listener for our youth when need someone to talk to; and make sure Moms2tech Inc. is kept informed of all progress towards reaching personal goals.


Information Technology

Moms2tech Inc. believes in the transformative power of education, which is the key to success. In preparing young mothers for employment, soft skills will be a primary focus. Soft skills are a combination of personality traits, social attitudes, and behaviors that will allow people to communicate effectively, collaborate, and manage conflicts. Job development is a central component of this program; as employment promotes Moms2tech Inc.’s philosophy that career development is essential for leaders. We promote a relationship with community employers who are willing to directly inform us of job openings. In the field of computer technology, new advancements are being seen every day. Some companies are even eliminating the requirement of having a college degree or abundance of certifications. Moms2tech Inc. is committed to providing educational online IT course so that young mothers can begin to form a solid understanding of information technology fundamentals. With this basic knowledge combined with Moms2tech Inc.’s networks, it will lead to apprenticeship or entry level position in the IT industry.


  • 6 Months

    We offer an emergency housing program mainly for those young mothers aging out of the foster care system. They will be placed on a fast-paced 6-month program, in which they will have access to all additional programming except for nesting.

  • 18 Months

    The transitional housing program will be an 18-month residential placement program geared towards a complete renewing of the mind, body, heart, and spirit. The individuals will focus on completing their education and transitioning into the tech industry, financial literacy, counseling, etc. The purpose of this program is for every young mother to develop a life plan that will lead them towards successful independent living, for themselves, and their child.

  • 12 Months

    The Nesting program will be a 12-month lease agreement generated between the client (young mother) and landlord. The landlord will agree to a partnership with Moms2tech Inc., accepting sole-source housing referrals generated through Moms2tech Inc. If any issues shall arise between the client and landlord, Moms2tech Inc. will assist with mediating misunderstandings that may cause the client to be asked to vacate the property.